Snow Walking in India

You may think of it as a complex sports or a 'combo pack' of Hiking and Snow Sport. Snow Walk had been there from ages but more as a irresistible impulse and a way of life for mountain kinfolk who trudged for miles on snow-laden trails for livelihood.In the modern world, Snow Walks have been attracting young adventure seekers and nature lovers from all parts of the world. On one hand Snow Walk is a simple activity of walking on the white snowy mountain slopes and on the other hand it is enveloped with a certain aura, an inexplicable comfy effect. Snow Walk is one such Snow Sport which can be enjoyed by all ages and is a great family unconventional and adventure holiday activity.

Major Regions For Snow Walking In India
In India, try Snow Walking at Auli in Uttaranchal or at Manali in Himachal Pradesh.For those looking for absolute exotica and best of the best, we highly recommend the various Snow Walking circuits close to Whispering Pines Nature Camp, Thangdhar (Dhanaulti; Uttaranchal).Experience the magnificence of the mighty Himalayas as you walk up to Surkanda (10,000 ft.) from here or as you walk down past snow covered Rhododendron and Cedar trees.

Snow Sports in general and Snow Walk in particular has a lot of scope in India. Snow Walk can be enjoyed by individual adventure lovers,adventure loving families, an avid trekker / hiker looking for the true Himalayan experience in winters, everyone. Snow Sports and Snow Walks in Himalayas can be a great pick during those Christmas vacations or maybe for that on New Year juncture.Over this the fun of snow camping in India, as you snuggle up in your dome tent with comfortable sleeping bags, would all add up to a highly memorable holiday experience. Plan one for this winter.

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  1. Trekking or walking holidays in the Himalayas and villages around Uttaranchal is not just auli, its about Ladakh, Sikkim, Kumaon, 360 Leti and many more places around which which gives your trip a mesmerizing feel with the beauty of nature and human touch.