Kids adventure glitters this Winter

Think! when you come across the world of adventure your eyes gets wide automatically and surprisingly your lips utter a word ' woh'. Today enthusiast adventure lovers has broken the edge of age and now children are the new players. The worth watching winter sports has turned worth trying. Where the children gets busy with snow ball fight and ice-hockey game, the adult groups lingers for an ideal trekking and snow-skiing spot.
Zipping down the icy hills gets hilarious with both mama, papa and their kids. The heart-beats gets faster and yet the atmosphere jig out with giggling conversation of the family members. The winter adventure sports with children gets fruitful with following the cited safety tips :

Dress your children with a layer of warm clothes.
Use a neck warmer rather then a scarf.
Cover their hat with halmet/ hat.
Children below 6 years should replace hockey halmets with normal hats.
Choose a low hill-top to practice the adventure.
Avoid spots nearby to lakes and rivers.
Keep a close eyes at your kids and keep them up on the crowd sides.
Check if the routes are properly carpeted with snow and no barriers are in between.
Teach your children slide down the middle of the hill, climb up the side and watch up the hill.
Check if your child is physically fit and comfortable with the game.
While you set out for the trip make sure that your luggage is loaded with medical kit, food stuffs and drinking water .

A hot winter adventure with Ice- Climbing.

Who don't desires to enjoy the melting ice, the snowballs in the snow way? One very thrilling, yet adventure winter sport comes with Ice climbing, a bit similar to what we had a talk about rock climbing in our blog. The task involves a challenging journey on the hard core snowy spots.

Take the climbing venture with your three three limbs and one hand plying the ice-axe. The ice are hard and rough as rocks in the mountain and as such keep a strong hold on yourself and the equipments you are handling. No holds and anchors are accessible in the icy mountains and the climber themselves have to position them with pistons or screw. On thin ice, cat climbing is preferred with clawing up the ice walls and ice edges.

Adventure peaks
Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Garhwal, Sikkim and Kumaon

Tip-Top Tips
Take all the essentials of ice climbing like sticky-soled boots, ropes, single axe, one pick axe and one hammer model.
Wear a strong, light and comfortable Helmet.
Carry a headlamp, spare bulbs and extra batteries for more darker zones.
Pack a light, handles double ropes designed with icy cords for the purpose of belaying and rappelling in the ice.
In the early morning, the freezy ice are cold and brittle so climbing on those hours requires a cautious practice.
Ice grades are subtle and indistinct and as such climbers need to collect accurate information about the spot the are set to undergo.
Have a fitness certificate before you proceed for this breath-taking activity.
The climbs often involve long accessibility and halts at high altitudes so wrap yourself with comfy woolen garments.
Get going with other adventure sports like skiing, running, hiking, and cycling, specially on hilly areas and prepare yourself for ice climbing.

Plan a pleasure with Snowmobiling

Skim across the frozen water and feel like a sail through the cushy clouds at the sky. Its none other than the wonderful 'Snowmobiling' , a race worthy enough to take part during the days of winter.

Snowmobiling calls for a ride in snow mobile, a vehicle which moves over the snowy grounds and is impelled by a continuous track or tracks at the rear and guided by skies at the front. Snow mobiles are easy to drive and sharp enough to take you across the hillsides preventing you from sliding down slope. This slim and stylish vehicle can take you into the remote snow filled areas,which is other wise impossible by any normal automobile or motorcycle.

Tip-Top Tips for Amateurs:
Practice a good drive in roads and carry a permit to drive a snow mobile.

Have a precise control over Snowmobiles and make repeated attempt to move it over the snow balls.

Dress yourself with warm clothes, a helmet, goggles and avoid keeping loose piece of clothes which may be caught up in the vehicle.

Carry a First Aid kit and give a practical study to the different parts of the vehicle like the emergency off buttons,rear view mirror etc.

Take an experienced guide with you and avoid night ride.
Ride in low speed and be around your local limit.

Be a skilled snowmobiler with basic ways of turning,driving,reversing and stopping properly.

Carrying a map is the most important things to remember. Check the local area before going there and fill your dairy with a few address of the local amenities and some place of stay.

Before planning a ride its important to note the weather forecast of the particular area you are spotted to.

For a better guide,its apt to proceed for a course in snowmobile organizations and study the vacation guides of varying price.

So friends, lets have a safe ride in snow and squeeze our cold days.

A winter wonder with snowballs

When the evergreen nature wrap up itself into the snowy blanket, people all around covers themselves with wintry clothes. The cold weather then warms up with a number of sports and sprays its magic every now and then. The most common games are skating, snow-boarding,ice hockey, sledging and above all snow ball fight. Of all the mentioned adventure games, the most simple and interesting activity lies in Snow-ball fight suitable for both teens and elderly group of people.

Snowball fight is not restricted to any rules or regulation. One can enjoy to the fullest with a small group of people or a chain of members throwing freezy balls at each other. The game calls for atleast two members and can add more fun with more number of people. The basic funda lies in making two or more groups with each team comprising equal number of participants. The main idea is to hit the opponents with the snowballs and to conquer the enemies.

Fun Time:
Practicing snow ball fight is a great fun reliable to enjoy in almost any areas clogged with snows and peoples. One very important point lies in proper dressing and discipline while playing. Many Bollywood movies and various entertaining scenes have adorned the game and is still wondering around it. Its high time to tour a place of snow and store some of your good time.