Technical Equipments for Ski Tours and Safaris

When to decide to do some skiing. It is important that you also get aware of some technical know how about skiing. There are certain very simple technicalities involved for any ski freek. Here are some of them.

1 Ski skins and ski crampons are a must.
2 Boot crampons - These should be ideally light weight with quick fit clip on binding.
3 Climbing Harness - It is indispensable that it should have fully adjustable leg loops.
4 Carabiners - 2 screw gates.

Their are other technical equipments involved, but discussing them further would do nothing but confuse you. So it is advisable that minute technicalities be left with you skiing expert and travel guide.

Skiing Clothing

Skiing is one adventure activity that requires an all together proper clothing. As the game is a part of adventure sports, it is imperative that you are properly gazetted in order to enjoy it to the extreme. Although travel agents who arrange for adventure activities in India like skiing and trekking provide all the relevant stuff. But it is important that as a tourist you should also be upbeat with all the requirements of skiing. Let us discuss the clothing part in a bit more details.

The most important thing is the Ski trousers. Your trousers should have good features like bib side front with braces, stretch knee pads and integral snow gaiters. Next on the list is the breathable jacket preferably made of Gore tex. Try to use a padded jacket as it ensures a bit more safety. Always make sure that you use roll neck rather than scarf. “Buff”, a light and stretchable tube is recommended. Headwear preferably a skiing helmet is a must. Silk inner gloves and face mask may also be used to be on a safer side.

If these things can be kept in mind then skiing can really be a joyful experience.

Skiing Equipments (Part 1)

In winters skiing is one sports that is followed with lot of craze and enthusiasm. But, it does not come easy. As a skiing lover you have to follow certain patterns and protocols to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. This is a first of the eight part series to provide you with all the useful information about skiing equipments. Let us take a general view as to what actually falls in the category of skiing equipments.

List of skiing equipments
1 Clothing
2 Ski General
3 Ski accessories
4 Safety Equipments
5 Technical Equipments (Off piste courses)
6 Technical Equipments (Ski tours and Safaris)

These topics will be discussed in more depth in the posts to follow.

Ice Skating In Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh, situated in the foothills of the Great Himalayas has become an important center for adventure sports in India. The surrounding snow covered mountain ranges of Dhauladar, Shivalik and Pir Pinjal together contribute in making Himachal Pradesh an ideal location for performing the innumerable winter sports. These sports are full of thrill an excitement. One of the most sought after sport that Himachal offers to the adventure lovers and the holiday makers is Ice-Skating. Not only in the entire Himachal Pradesh but in the country as a whole, Shimla offers the best opportunities to try out ice skating.

The winter sports festival organized each year in December in the capital city – Shimla has ice skating as one of the major attractions. The ice skating rink in Shimla covers a large area. You will be amazed to see the natural frozen ice here that enables you to indulge in ice skating. Not only those who are fond of adventure sports but all the tourists who come over to Himachal will surely have a great time ice skating in the oldest skating rink of Asia.

Ice skating is somewhat similar to another ice sport, skiing. Instead of sliding down the snow-clad mountain slopes, you are required to put on the ice skates and glide in a skating rink. You can do it alone or with a partner. But keep the fact in mind that ice skating is not as simple as ordinary skating. You will to balance extremely well in order to skate on ice.

Ice-skating in Himachal begins during the early December and continues till the month of February. Low temperature and clear sky make these months the ideal time for continuing uninterrupted skating. You can choose to skate either during the morning hours or evening hours. Ice skates are available on rent in the rink only. In case you are experienced in the sport, you can go for figure skating or ice hockey that are much more adventurous. So, what are you still waiting for? Plan a visit to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy ice skating.

Winter Camping In India

Winter camping is one of the toughest types of camping but at the same time it is the most adventurous and exciting one. Winter camping is only meant for young people, who are full of adventures and have a strong determination. Winter camping is much enjoyable and comfortable as compared to the summer camping. Winter camping can be done anywhere outdoors, but it is mainly linked with camping on high altitudes. Camping on high altitudes is not an easy task and thus requires a lot of planning & preparation. Winter Camping activity is not any more traits of an extreme adventure where lives are at stake, like any other outdoor venture, winter camping is also full of wonderment and prudence and provides adventure- enthusiast a brimming gratification. On a winter camping tour, one has to plan a little more cautiously since the temperatures are lower and the weather is unpredictable. Do not underrate the whimsicality of the winter weather, anticipate the worst so you will not have any repellent stupefaction.

Gears and Clothing:

One always have to prepare beforehand, before going on any such winter camp,. The most significant thing is the tent as one has to spend most of the time within it. The tent should be large enough to hold an individual and should be strong enough so as to bear the winter winds, which blow very strongly. The tents should be made of nylon and the frame should be of aluminum. One should also carry an air mattress, which is self-inflating. One should be fully clothed so as to avoid the rough winter condition. One should always dress in layers as it maintains the body temperature and moisture.

Camping Destinations In India:








Jim Corbett


Kangra Valley






North East India








Camping Tips and Precautions:

  • Everything takes longer and moves slower in cold and snow. Equipment is more bulky and heavy. The days are shorter and much of your camp activities will take place In the dark. Patience is not simply a virtue at this point, it is fundamental.

  • Keep your camera inside your shirt or your jacket so it stays warm enough to operate, Film should also be carried close to your body because it tens to get brittle when cold. Wind film slowly to avoid tearing.

  • Keep flashlight batteries inside a pocket. What may seem like dead batteries could be just cold batteries.

  • Carry a small whiskbroom to brush off boots and gaiters, and a sponge to mop up damp spots.

  • Keep clothing in stuff sacks so they don't accumulate snow while opening and closing your pack.

  • If you can, tie a string to your flashlight and keep around your neck. Headlamps are best as they allow your hands to be free.

  • Whenever you take off hats and mittens, always stow them in a secure place. Things will dry out in the winter, believe it or not. It's a process called sublimation. The dampness turns to ice and evaporates from ice. So damp things should be hung on dry surfaces such as tarp lines.

  • Personal organization is crucial during the winter. You must know exactly where each and every single bit of your gear is at all times.

  • Never set things in the snow. It is possible to drop a lit flashlight in the snow and never find it again.

  • Avoid cotton like the plaque. It becomes a frozen lump by the second morning.

  • Avoid metal cups (except for double-wall thermal), metal whistles etc. which will adhere to warm mouth tissue when cooled to winter's subzero temperatures.

  • Practice working with all of your equipment with mittens on and modify any equipment that can only operated with bare hands.

  • In winter camping there is very little margin for mistakes. If you forget to waterproof your boots and get wet feet, you will need to take action immediately to prevent frozen toes or feet.

  • Be careful around an open fire. Winter clothes and boots which provide good insulation from the cold, will also stop you from feeling the heat until the boots. mittens etc. are burning or melted.

  • Cotton kills because once it gets wet, it takes forever to dry in winter, leaving the door wide open for hypothermia. This is an essentially useless winter fabric, so leave the jeans at home. One caveat: bring a cotton bandana to clean your sunglasses.