Camping Adventure in Winter Spots.

Winter adventure sprinkles our heart and mind with thrilling activities, but have we ever thought of the unusual adverse situation that may knock our good time. Well, one possible problem may be concern the place of stay in the alien winter spots with no support of hotels or resorts. Do not feel helpless and click for camping option. Its great to stay outdoor in cool climate rather than to search for shelter indoor. Be it the snow-caped Himalayas , Uttranchal or Sikkim, winter camping pave the ideal adventurous way to luxuriate the blessed Nature of God.
Have a look of the applied winter camping tips and twist your chilling days.
  • Carry correct winter camping supplies like skies, poles, bindings, snow shovel etc, which suits the changing condition of weather.
  • The snow land are variable and may turn hard from soft all of a sudden. As such tent a bit lower, but never half the half the height of it.
  • Do not dig your tent deep or you may face snow block at its entrance.
  • Dig the tent down and position them at an angle 90 degree. This will secure your tent from the endless snow fall.
  • Use snow filled stuff bags or ski-pole basket, which will provide a suitable anchor points. Skies and ski-poles are also profitable in supporting your temporary tent.
  • In case, the climate calls for strong wind, dig the ski horizontally into the snow and protect it from breaking gusts.
  • Be an apt one to built a strong camp so that you can move freely to any of yo ur trekking destinations
  • Wrap yourself with layers of garments, usually made of nylon and wool. Say no-no to thin layering of cotton clothes.
  • Have an appropriate sized pair of boots for winter camping and make sure that they are made of the protective absorbent coats.
  • In addition to other basic necessities, do carry a sleeping bag or synthetic fiber insulation so that you can recline inside the camp.

Winter Adventure at Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

A very few hill station in India is as adventure as Kufri. This small hillock is situated 19 km from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This highest point in the town remained obscured until Britisher discovered
Shimla. Other then the Himalayan National Park, the place boasts of some adventure winter sports. The ski slope in the Himachal was explored by local youths since the past two decade and now it has become a remarkable hub for winter sport-lovers.

Every year thousands of tourist visit the place in a flock and explore the oldest snow-skiing center. The spot gets crowded with ice-skaters, skiers and many enthusiast, specially during the days between November to February. The aura warms up in the month of January, when the domestic and foreign competitors assemble themselves for the National Snow Statue Competition.

Other than enjoying the thrilling ice-skating and snow-skiing, visitors can also showcase their ability in tobogganing, hiking and Pony/Yak riding. Viewing the popularity of the place the Himachal Pradesh government have strengthen its tourism sector with a number of elite resorts and quality hotels. So, go Kufri and spent a comfy holiday.

How to plan a winter vacation with adventure sports?

A hard core winter weather turns cushy with a vacation. Despite you warm yourself under the comfy blanket, its better to warm up the environment. Your mind map may design a lot but a systematic plan may drag your path to profit. Let not mess up with words; lets get set to the main theme- the plan. A winter vacation with winter adventure sports demands a pinch of time, a bundle of patience and an ample of knowledge about the place.

To work out the plan is more then to plan. A orderly wise plan provides a great moment with cheap expense. The following suggested steps will help you to schedule a wonderful adventure trip during the winter season.

Make a list of the winter adventure sports like snow-skiing snowmobiling, ice-football, ice-skating, ice-climbing.
Choose one from the many sport activities and understand its merits and demerits.
Collect adequate information about the sport, its availability and the desired quality.
Choose the perfect sport destination via conversation with friends and travel agents, searching on Internet and studying the world map.
Buy guidebooks expressing the climatic condition of your chosen area of interest. You can also read blogs and sites relating to winter sport in India and gather the reviews about the field of interest.
Look into the communication and transport facilities serving the desired destination.
One very important point lies in the health and safety corner of the area. Explore the recreation center of the place before you plan a visit.
Carry necessary documents, field guide, contact of the tour operators and above all the sporting equipments.
In addition to packing your basic necessities, weigh your luggage with a first-aid kit.

Winter Sports in Uttarakhand

Winter sports demands enthusiast sport-lovers and so do the adventure spots. India is blessed with a number of thrilling areas which offers some great adventure tour to snow-clad mountains and high peaks. If adventure is your cup of tea than do make a sharp turn towards Uttarakhand, the evermore beauty of India.

Uttarakhand is is sprinkled with complicated roadways, hugging the Garhwal to the western region of and Kumaon to its eastern side. The rugged terrain provides the stunning opportunity to prove your skill in mountaineering in Bhagirathi, Chowkhamba, Nanda Devi Kamet, Pindari, Sahastrataal, Milam, Kafni, Khatling and Gaumukh mountains. Trekkers and snow-skiers can explore the thrilling spot at Auli, Dayara Bugyal, Munsyari and Mundali.

Adventure activities on this areas requires an acute attention towards certain points like-
The snow covered slopes are at great altitude and calls for enthusiast who are strong at heart and good in health.
The high mountains and peaks are restricted for novices. Participants should be skillful in mountaineering, trekking and ice-skating.
Avoid swooshing down from snow-slopes and use the technique of gliding.
Wrap yourself with necessary clothes and do carry all equipment during any of the process.
Be sure take you are apt in handling and balancing unparallel situation.

Players roar with Ice-Football this winter

The enthusiasm to play on plain dry field is as common as having the daily bread and butter. A unique score lies playing with adventure and breath taking situation. Peep into the the world of winter sports and you are sure to grab at least one of the many. Like all the snowy sports like ice-sakting, snow-skiing its time to get hot with playing football on the icy grounds. But before we take the game into account lets notice some worthy facts:
The rule of thumb lies in strong determination, ability and intelligence of an individual.
Balance in handling sticks, checking, shooting and passing is the requisite skills.
Ice hockey requires the a skillful skating with forwards, backwards and lateral movements. Quick decision with necessary steps and hand-eye coordination outcome a fruitful result.
Player must be tricky enough while handling the opponent and the football. While you skate to the opponent, try to take back the puck with a body check.
Activities happens in a second so have good co-ordination with your team members.
While you are set for the game, keep your feet shoulder width apart and toes facing out.
Position yourself as slightly bent with the weight on the balls of your feet and your head up.
Follow the procedure of stride i.e dig or skate blade into the ice and push out to the side with the back leg extending through the push from the ankle to the tip of the blade.
At times apply the steps of recovery; wherein the back leg is brought back to its original position along side the front leg ready to take the next stride
To generate a quick speed, use the process of Strides and recovery simultaneously.
Exercise regularly for a strong leg as your leg carries the whole physical attributes that defines you as a challenging skater.
One most important thing is the hard work and practice which makes a every hard job easy and achieving.

Gulmarg Global Derby, 2009

Gulmarg dazzles with the arrival of March 2009. The dawn is set to stage the international events which are going to rock Jammu and Kashmir. As per the gleaned information, this winter adventure sport carnival will kick the town with a four-day international snow-skiing championship at the world-famous resort from March 1 followed by three-day national ice-rafting from March 6.

The week long winter sport carnival will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. Sources confirmed that rafting events will highlight an approximate number of 30 foreign and 25 local skiers, all skiing down from 13, 000 ft. high Apharwat range to Gulmarg. Participants from all over the India and abroad including Australia, New Zealand and England will also represents other international events like Alpine run super slalom and cross country ski.
Organiser of this master event- ESSAR group and the tourism department is leaving no stone unturned to facilitate the region with flights to Ladakh region from Jammu and other major cities of India.
In the coming days similar event would be held at Patnipot in Jammu, so friends lets stop gazing stars in the sky; lets move on and hold a few.