Players roar with Ice-Football this winter

The enthusiasm to play on plain dry field is as common as having the daily bread and butter. A unique score lies playing with adventure and breath taking situation. Peep into the the world of winter sports and you are sure to grab at least one of the many. Like all the snowy sports like ice-sakting, snow-skiing its time to get hot with playing football on the icy grounds. But before we take the game into account lets notice some worthy facts:
The rule of thumb lies in strong determination, ability and intelligence of an individual.
Balance in handling sticks, checking, shooting and passing is the requisite skills.
Ice hockey requires the a skillful skating with forwards, backwards and lateral movements. Quick decision with necessary steps and hand-eye coordination outcome a fruitful result.
Player must be tricky enough while handling the opponent and the football. While you skate to the opponent, try to take back the puck with a body check.
Activities happens in a second so have good co-ordination with your team members.
While you are set for the game, keep your feet shoulder width apart and toes facing out.
Position yourself as slightly bent with the weight on the balls of your feet and your head up.
Follow the procedure of stride i.e dig or skate blade into the ice and push out to the side with the back leg extending through the push from the ankle to the tip of the blade.
At times apply the steps of recovery; wherein the back leg is brought back to its original position along side the front leg ready to take the next stride
To generate a quick speed, use the process of Strides and recovery simultaneously.
Exercise regularly for a strong leg as your leg carries the whole physical attributes that defines you as a challenging skater.
One most important thing is the hard work and practice which makes a every hard job easy and achieving.

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