Camping Adventure in Winter Spots.

Winter adventure sprinkles our heart and mind with thrilling activities, but have we ever thought of the unusual adverse situation that may knock our good time. Well, one possible problem may be concern the place of stay in the alien winter spots with no support of hotels or resorts. Do not feel helpless and click for camping option. Its great to stay outdoor in cool climate rather than to search for shelter indoor. Be it the snow-caped Himalayas , Uttranchal or Sikkim, winter camping pave the ideal adventurous way to luxuriate the blessed Nature of God.
Have a look of the applied winter camping tips and twist your chilling days.
  • Carry correct winter camping supplies like skies, poles, bindings, snow shovel etc, which suits the changing condition of weather.
  • The snow land are variable and may turn hard from soft all of a sudden. As such tent a bit lower, but never half the half the height of it.
  • Do not dig your tent deep or you may face snow block at its entrance.
  • Dig the tent down and position them at an angle 90 degree. This will secure your tent from the endless snow fall.
  • Use snow filled stuff bags or ski-pole basket, which will provide a suitable anchor points. Skies and ski-poles are also profitable in supporting your temporary tent.
  • In case, the climate calls for strong wind, dig the ski horizontally into the snow and protect it from breaking gusts.
  • Be an apt one to built a strong camp so that you can move freely to any of yo ur trekking destinations
  • Wrap yourself with layers of garments, usually made of nylon and wool. Say no-no to thin layering of cotton clothes.
  • Have an appropriate sized pair of boots for winter camping and make sure that they are made of the protective absorbent coats.
  • In addition to other basic necessities, do carry a sleeping bag or synthetic fiber insulation so that you can recline inside the camp.


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