Ice Hockey In India

The Ice Hockey Association of India based in Delhi is actually a recognized member of the International Ice Hockey Federation based out of Geneva. IHAI has been taking the game to new levels in India by sending young players to international games and training camps. Canada's national game, Ice Hockey, was first introduced to the mountainous Ladakh region in 1962, by Indian army officers stationed in the region to halt the advance of Chinese invaders during the Sino-Indo Border conflict. For nearly 40 years since then, the locals played scrimmage amongst themselves with few skills, rules, coaches or equipment - players used field-hockey sticks, with skates made from army boots with homemade blades. At a dizzying 11,500 feet, Ice Hockey in the Himalayas presents unique challenge - the rink is almost as high as Mt Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies. In 2003, this phenomenon caught the interest of the NHL Player’s Association in Canada. Recognizing the historic interest in the game, they generously donated 50 sets of hockey gear to the indigenous players in Leh. Furthermore, to encourage the game, the New Delhi Canadian High Commission Ice Hockey team, the “Sacred Bulls", have been traveling annually to Ladakh, since 2001, to play against a variety of enthusiastic local teams in what is the highest altitude hockey tournament in the world.

Prime Region For Ice Hockey In India
Leh - Ladakh

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