Winter Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Adventure beckons in the snow-swept mountains of Himachal Pradesh . The undulating hill tops gets frozen with the onset of winter season, leaving the snowy roads before you. The rough terrain or the slippery slopes challenges you to achieve a new height with the blessed natural heights. So, come across the hills in the heart of Himalayas and bet, you can't avoid the time of winter trekking. Himachal, drags your way to the numerous trekking routes and offers the splendid beauty of nature.

Winter trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh

Manali- Thumber– Solang Nallah– Vashisht– Manali

Solang Valley(Manali)- Shivling- Bakkar Thach– Kothi- Patalsu-Manali

While performing this breath-taking task, trekkers can have fun in snow, stay overnight at the tourist rest camp or can built a temporary winter camps. At night, its better to have a camp fire, bake yourself and chat with the fellow travelers, while in the day time, feel free to enjoy the must-do sightseeing. One who have a knack to enjoy the mountain wilderness, can schedule a jungle walk into the dense backyards.

The mentioned itinerary is not a cup of coffee for novices. High risky activity is exclusive for professional, who are able to undertake any obstacles ahead. Depending upon the natural factors, the best season to enjoy the adventure of trekking lies between the winter days from November to February.


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  2. During my visit to Himachal in December 2007, I really found it one of the fascinating places I have ever visited. I would recommend to all that its a worth visiting place.