Heli Skiing in Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has got enormous opportunities to explore for the adventure lovers, be it white water rafting, para gliding, rock climbing or mountaineering. But being nestled in the Himalayan mountain ranges, nothing can surpass the onset of winters covering its virgin peaks with white snow flakes. This is the season which sets a platform for one of the most daring winter sports i.e. Heli Skiing.

Manali is blessed with the slopes which are favourable for conducting Heli Skiing in Himachal Pradesh. There are various mesmerising slopes near Manali which are perfect for organising Heli Skiing like Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Chanderkhani and Rohtang Pass.

Heli Skiing is a sport in which skiers are dropped by a helicopter on the top of a peak shrouded by snow, where nothing comes in between the skier and challenging snow-capped mountain peak except for the blue sky, perceiving the daring moves of the skier. This is where the thrill starts and skier starts zooming his way down the slopes on ski boards making his way sometimes amid woods.

Though Heli Skiing is an expensive winter sport because of the involvement of helicopter but then nothing comes without paying price in this world and that too a sport which leaves everlasting memories in your mind. Heli Skiing is almost same like normal Snow-skiing but it is carried out on more higher peaks with around 14,000 ft altitude above sea level. It is also a tough affair than normal Skiing as the snow at higher peaks is soft and thus making the sport more risky. For a 10 minutes journey down the snow slopes you really need to have a heart of a tiger.

Skiing courses are also conducted by the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, located in Manali. Solang Nalla is a place nearby Manali where such courses are conducted every year. All the required equipments for the sport like ski boards, jackets, helmets, socks and googles are available with Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation office.

In the recent past, Heli Skiing has acquired a prominent place and immense popularity in the tourism sector of Himachal Pradesh. It has not only been successful in attracting adventure enthusiasts from different parts of India but from across the globe.


  1. I was in Manali last year with my family but couldn't enjoy heli skiing. On my next visit visit to Manali, I would surely like to indulge in the adventure sport. Thanks

  2. Its one of the most adventurous winter sport. Though it demands a little more money spending, but then there is nothing like it. Also there are very few places where Heli-Skiing facilities are available.

    Try it out.