Adventure of Parasailing in Goa

Imagine! A bird-like fly on top of the pacific beaches and the sun-kissed sands which gets wet with the careless sea-waves, every now and then. Isn't it challenges you? Well, if you belief to buzz around adventure, then your 'yes' counts more then you dare move towards it. Goa, the land of exotic beaches is a getaway to water-sports. And, among the many, the adventure of Para sailing goes beyond imagination.

Lets check out a brief facts on Para sailing in Goa

In Para sailing, a person/pilot is chained behind a boat, attached to a well-designed parachute(parasail) and with the increasing speed of the boat, it lifts the traveler, high until he enjoys the freedom in the open air. A heavy boat, however, has the ability to take of two persons at a time.

The adventure of paras-sailing hangs around its two different types- Winch boat Para sailing and Beach Para sailing. While both has its unique feature of attracting visitors, the later is gaining high rate this days.

Before undertaking or setting on for the challenging sport, visitors need to note down some important considerations:

Double check the harness cord and gears attached to the boat

While going for a speedy sail, opt for the two people group

Tourist who are physically fit and strong at heart should only try out for para sailing in Goa

For amateurs, its better to sail in the company of an experienced one

Adventure Sites for Para sailing in Goa

Anjuna beach: 20 kms away from Panaji in Bardez Taluka

Baga beach: 10 kms from Mapusa on the west coast of Goa

Dona Paula beach: 7 kms from Panaji, the capital of Goa

Condolim beach: North Goa

Majorda beach: Goa

Also many beach resorts like Taj Resort, Bogmallo Resort and Hotel Oberoi Bogmalo Beach offers the challengers, some great chance to sense the task in para sailing. So, its worthy to make a visit to Goa and enjoy it , at least once in the life time.


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  3. Para-sailing is really adventurous and a fun Game , where a boat pull you high in air through balloon .

  4. Enjoyed reading the post. There are various activities to do including parasailing in Goa. Its a famous tourist destination for adventure along with recreation. Its a must visit destination to experience the thrill.