How to Pack Light for Winter Travel in India

If you are travelling to India in winters, here are a few tips that you can follow.

> For how many days are you going to stay in India? Select only one or two major outfits to be worn per day. Pack your clothes in a mix-and-match fashion, so you may wear anything and everything together.

> Roll small clothing items or the ones that are less bulky. T-shirts, vests and scarves can be easily rolled up and packed.

> Don't pack duplicates like three black sweaters. Use the space that you save to pack an extra scarf, broach or other similar accessories.

> In case you have too many bulky items to pack, go for a 'Space Saver' type bag. A large Space Saver can hold around 10 sweaters. And after you vacuum-remove the air, the total mass will reduce to almost half.

> Pack your socks and undergarments in outer compartments of the bag. You can also tuck them in between clothes you have already packed.

> Large things like the fluffy wool cardigan can be packed on top of the heap. Put the cardigan on top of the heap just before you close up the luggage.

In fact these winter travel tips are not just for India but for almost every place that you are planning to visit during winters.


  1. Space Saver is really a good option to save space..

  2. its really one of the informative blogs i have visited in the past few months.

    Keep up!

  3. One thing which I have observed while travelling in India is that Indian folks carry so much of luggage while travelling. Whereas, if you wanna enjoy you travel carry as less as u can.

    Nice advise.

  4. Valuable information.


  5. This is not only for winters, but what i believe is that one always need to travel with less luggage so that you do not face any problem while travelling.