A winter wonder with snowballs

When the evergreen nature wrap up itself into the snowy blanket, people all around covers themselves with wintry clothes. The cold weather then warms up with a number of sports and sprays its magic every now and then. The most common games are skating, snow-boarding,ice hockey, sledging and above all snow ball fight. Of all the mentioned adventure games, the most simple and interesting activity lies in Snow-ball fight suitable for both teens and elderly group of people.

Snowball fight is not restricted to any rules or regulation. One can enjoy to the fullest with a small group of people or a chain of members throwing freezy balls at each other. The game calls for atleast two members and can add more fun with more number of people. The basic funda lies in making two or more groups with each team comprising equal number of participants. The main idea is to hit the opponents with the snowballs and to conquer the enemies.

Fun Time:
Practicing snow ball fight is a great fun reliable to enjoy in almost any areas clogged with snows and peoples. One very important point lies in proper dressing and discipline while playing. Many Bollywood movies and various entertaining scenes have adorned the game and is still wondering around it. Its high time to tour a place of snow and store some of your good time.

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  1. Your article is not confined to youths only. I got an idea to enjoy snowballs with my daughter.