Trekking In India

Trekking in India is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiast in India. One who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheater of the Indian Himalayas and Karakorams, there are limitless possibilities for trekking tours, mountaineering, skiing, and river rafting tours. Within this alluring arena, the Garhwal and Kumaon regions, occupy the central place, with special points of interest for the trekker.. In India Trekking enthusiast can also explore the rugged beauty of the lofty mountains romancing the shimmering waterfalls cascading down in glee, like a merry village belle. Experience the thrill of sheer adventure by our trekking tours in India amidst the world’s most beautiful places.

Trekking in Grahwal :

Treks in Garhwal gives ample opportunities of trekking to adventure enthusiast. Garhwal Himalayas offers all ranges of trekking tours from soft treks to hard treks as well as trekking expedition.

Trekking in Ladakh :

Ladakh offers adventurous trekking tours. The attraction here for the tourists are snow clad peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain etc. The best season to go on trekking tours and expeditions in ladakh in this region is between July and September.

Trekking in Sikkim :

Sikkim is one of the best kept secrets in the Himalayas and trekking tours in Sikkim can be a wonderful experience and antidote of city stress and daily life. Experience of trekking in Sikkim can be memorable and cherished for a lifetime. While trekking one can relish the pure air and silence of wilderness,Himalayan Land of Nature Grandeur Spiritual Beauty.

Trekking in Himachal :

Trekking in Himachal requires adequate preparation as majority of trekking route falls in those areas which are perennially cold. Himachal offers trekking tours from moderate to strenuous and best time for trekking in himachal is from June to October. The four great mountain ranges and a fluctuating snow very cold climate.

Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir :

Jammu & Kashmir the trekking season extends from July through September. Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir is of different kind, one may go for trekking for a week or for a day. People can not feel like they are away from the human life, even on hills the huts of Gujars can be seen made up of log of wood, they use to graze their sheeps on the lonely hills. In Ladakh s some treks have monasteries as their focus and in Kashmir some treks have mountain lakes as their focus. One trek in particular covers half a dozen high altitude lakes, encircled by snow covered mountains. In Jammu, Kishtwar and Bhadarwar regions have excellent trekking routes.


  1. Himalayan range covers the entire northern part of India, nestling five major states of the country within it. The ancient Indian pilgrims who have travelled in these mountains since time immemorial coined a Sanskrit word for the Himalayas meaning “Abode of Snow”. Foothills of Himalayas.

  2. The Himalayas, home of the snow, is the most impressive system of mountains on the earth, and for centuries the setting for epic feats of exploration.